There is a legendary dairy
That they call the Legend Dairy
Where a friendly maid might just spare ye
A tale quite extraordinary

From immortal cows, like bovine gods
Who have seen it all while chewing the cud
And swinging tails forever in fields of mud
Lowing tales of battles, of fire and flood

Mooings that are then recorded
Translated, edited, and re-ordered
Until libraries of legends have been hoarded
Printed, bound, and names accorded

To them in a dairy where all udders are free
From any milking machinery
Because it’s the brains that are milked for their memories
What they have seen, are seeing, and will see

It’s where the milk of the bovine mind is
Extracted with some human kindness
From the legendary maids who are the minders
The legends’ keepers, sharers, and their finders.

The Legend Dairy - A short funny poem about a legendary dairy