“Tick, tick, tick”
said the clock on the wall
“I’m feeling rather sick”
As he hung in the hall
“And why I’m unwell”
Said the ticked off clock
“I will tell you right now –
I’ve lost my tock”

“Like boy needs girl
And ying needs yang
A tick doth need its tock
But one day
I tried to say…
And it came as quite a shock

I had no choice
I had to find
A noise to ease
My clockwork mind

I tried a ding,
It wasn’t my thing,
A plop didn’t sound quite right

I tried a woosh,
A splash and a sploosh
But none of them did delight

It was no use
And it may sound obtuse
But I was like day without a night

In the end I got thrown out,
On the rubbish pile,
I ticked each day,
All day long,
I was there for quite a while

Then when spring came
I happened to hear
The sound I was looking for
From a tree quite near

A woodpecker was pecking
In turn with my ticking,
We kept up the rhythm
Everything was just clicking
And when the people found out
I got hung in the tree
Where that woodpecker
Now tocks with me.”

The Clock That Lost Its Tock - A short funny poem about a ticked-off timepiece.