Sherlock the Squirrel
No stranger to peril
Was a detective with rodent-sized guts
His greatest case of all
Was opened one fall
When somebody stole Sherlock’s nuts

If he had been human
He’d feel half a man
Without the nuts that he’d gathered
He didn’t care about leaves
He didn’t care about berries
It was only his acorns that mattered

Every animal and insect
In his woodland district
Was quizzed by the fluffy grey sleuth
He asked critters, plenty
Still his nut sack was empty
There was no evidence and therefore no proof

“A real head-scratcher
But I will find and catch them”
He said removing his hat
Then on the answer he stumbled
Off his head the nuts tumbled
“My goodness, so that’s where they’re at!”

Sherlock Squirrel - A short funny poem about a bushy-tailed detective