A more nerdy nerd there never was

And he was a nerdy nerd because

He typed all night and typed all day

He almost typed his life away


As he typed his fingers swelled

And as he read his eyeballs bulged

He found it harder to stop the more he spelled

Though much advice his friends divulged


It came upon a nightly basis

For their fellow typist to review his stasis

And what they said throughout his crisis

Usually went something quite like this:


Let your eyeballs wander and your fingers roam

Somewhere other than the computer desk at home

Because they might get tired and leave

You wouldn’t be whole

Then you’d be sorry

Lol xD




But that’s exactly what happened

And it wasn’t something

The doctors could mend


First the fingers walked off, on their shoes of nails

They roamed far and wide and sent him e-mails

But he couldn’t type, he could only read

That’s when his eyeballs decided to leave


They just popped out one day – sprouted arms and limbs

They knew he couldn’t see or type

So they’d ring him up and sing

And tell him what they’d been doing

But he just sat there listening

Eyelessly boohooing.

Wanderlimbs - A long funny poem about a nerd who spent too long at his keyboard.