A man named Ray Punzel

Was feeling quite sour

Because he’d locked himself in

The top room of his tower

With no electricity

And no form of power

Not so much as a mirror

A sink or a shower


And he was there for much longer

Than minutes and hours


Poor old Ray Punzel

Lived all alone

Far away from anyone

He did not have a phone

And after a day

He started to moan

To a bird who had perched

On his windowsill of stone


The bird watched his beard grow

While he grumbled and groaned


For many long years

He felt hunger and pain

The bird brought him worms

And when it rained he drank rain

His waistline receded

And he went quite insane

While his beard kept on growing

To the length of a train


But a plan to save Ray

Had formed inside the bird’s brain


The bird disappeared

For almost a week

Which made Ray more sad

More hopeless and bleak

But to his surprise

When he was feeling most weak

A noise came to his ears –

He heard someone speak!

And Ray was so happy

A tear ran down his cheek


Outside in the distance

A man had appeared

With the bird on his shoulder

Ray’s window he neared

“Ray Punzel, Ray Punzel

Let down your long beard

A little bird tells me

You’ve been stuck there for years”


If Ray hadn’t forgotten how

He would have cheered


Ray gathered his beard

Which now filled his lair

He threw it out of the window

And it fell through the air

It hit the ground with a thud

And made the mystery man stare

Who then climbed up Ray’s whiskers

Instead of using the stairs


He was shocked when he saw

Ray’s room was so bare


The bird he had found

A locksmith by trade

Who opened Ray’s door

Which was sturdily made

And Ray ran down the stairs

And into the glade

And as he jumped up for joy

His good mood did fade

Because a key

Fell right out of

His pocket.

Ray Punzel - A long funny poem about a man who should have checked his pockets.