The Top Hat is the king of hats
The toppest of them all
And when you put one on your noggin
Even when you’re jumping and jogging
The Top Hat won’t fall

Don’t be bowled over by the Bowler
Don’t get in a flap about the Cap
Because I’ve seen it all with the Baseball
And you don’t seem like a Ten Gallon chap

Don’t get fed up with the Fedora
The Fez will just look like a mess
I’m not a fan-a-ma of the Panama
The Top Hat is the one that fits best

Don’t mess up your hair cut with a helmet
Don’t be a hero and wear a sombrero
Don’t think you’re urban by wearing a turban
Without a Top Hat you’ll just be a zero

So spare a thought for your head and your hair
And sport some classy headwear
Choose the right hat
And don’t come a’cropper
Because only a Top Hat
Will look more proper than proper.

Top Hat - A short funny poem about the highest form of headwear