The end of the World
Is a very long way
From anywhere you may be
Directly North
Of the southernmost point
In the middlemost part of the sea

If you should sail
To the sign at the end
Where space and sea collide
Beware the black hole
That will swallow you whole
Before it carries you out with the tide

Time stands still
Like a statue of moments
In the place where the world runs out
Just the sea and the sky
A rock and a sign
And a silence that hangs all about

A man sits there
With the wind in his hair
Greeting any traveller that sails to the end
With a glint in his eye
And a candle by his side
He says “good luck my friend”

“I was here first
But I’ve never been over
Though I’m as old as the sand
I’d rather just watch
Curiosity get the better
Of those who don’t understand”

Because he knows
The end isn’t really
What it pretends to be
And that it’s just the beginning
Of a new kind of world
Where a person can really be free.

The End of the World - A short funny poem about the Earth's extremity.