I’ve been inside a thousand pockets
Passed from Princes to Kings
And I’ve seen all their little trinkets
Interesting junk, and they think it’s
Worth keeping all these random things

Old receipts and last week’s train tickets
Pocket lint and sweets gone sticky
A thing that was found upon the floor
But what it was they weren’t sure

And you wonder how I see and feel
These things you may not understand
But I have a face to look with
And to feel a pair of hands
And with them I feel
A thousand days of fluff
Half a chocolate bar that’s saved
Because the owner had enough
Something quite gross
Best left unguessed
Something hard and something rough

So give a thought for pocket watches
When you’re staring at your wrist
Because somewhere deep inside a dirty jacket
A pocket watch exists.

Pocket Watch - A short funny poem about why it's better to be timepiece with a strap.