My teacher asked me to find New Z-land
On the classroom map
But when it comes to school subjects
Geography’s my worst
So I told her I’d find
The rest of the alphabet first

But there was no A land
No B land or C land
No D land or E land
Not an F or a G land
There was no H land or I land
(Though there was an I R land)
No J, K, L, M, N, O or P land
No Q, R, S, T, U or V land
None of these lands could I see
Oh where oh where could New Z-land be?

Nor was there a land for W, X or Y
But then I let out a cry
Because to the right of Australia
And in the middle of the sea
Was that elusive land of Z!

New Z-Land - A short funny poem about a geographical alphabetical conundrum.