What’s inside the mystery box
That tightly-sealed crate
There’s a lot of things I have to do
But the mystery box can’t wait

What’s inside
What does it hide
I really want to know
And the longer I look
By hook or by crook
I’m going to find out somehow

It bothers me a lot
That boxiest box
What wonder does that wood conceal
And no matter how long you stare
Or shake, or bake it or handle it with care
Nothing will it reveal

I know it’s a sin
But I finally gave in
And let my crowbar start squawking
I pried and I pried
To see the inside
And what I found in there was shocking

Nothing could have helped me to have guessed
No infinite hours passed on clocks
Nor putting on my clever clogs
Because what is in
The square wooden thing
Is more cunning than a fox
Take a look
If you don’t believe me
It’s another mystery box.

Mystery Box - A short funny poem about a curious crate.