There’s a place where Nothing lives
And they call it Limbo Land
But Nothing gets bored sometimes
So it likes to dance

And the limbo is its dance of choice
And the rules it makes aren’t fair
You might go mad in Limbo Land
Inside Nothing’s lair

You cannot stand in Limbo Land
It’s against the law
You’ll be forever bent backwards
With your body close to the floor

The bar is set low in Limbo Land
It’s like no other place
You’ll see a lot of the ceiling
But not another face

If you get left in Limbo Land
Where time refuses to flow
There’s only one way to spend eternity
And that is laying low

But there is a way out of Limbo Land
If you can make it to the floor
And limbo so low
That you can go
And limbo right under the door!

Limbo Land - A short funny poem about nothing's favourite dance.