The leap year is here and I can hear
The sound of leapers starting to cheer
Kangaroos, Crickets, the Big Cats too
They’re looking forward to leaping the whole year through

Because for them the meaning of a leap year
Is a thing which is definite, exciting and clear
No laws, no guidelines, no warnings, no rules
They can leap without fear and not feel like they’re fools

They’ll leap across the land
They’ll pounce on their food
They’ll spring around
Because it feels good

They’ll launch themselves
They’ll hop up high
They’ll jump for joy
And touch the sky

They’ll leap across chasms
They’ll leap across cracks
They’ll leap across ditches
And each other’s backs

But for humans it just means an extra day
One more in which to work and play
Though if you want to join the leapers don’t delay
Just bend your knees and leap away!

Leap Year - A short funny poem about the meaning of the jumpy four-yearly event.