How high can a witch fly
When she’s on her broom?
Higher than the clouds,
Higher than the moon?

Can she fly up past the birds
And out into space
To cast her spell
On an alien race?

Up to the stars
And far past the sun,
Could a witch fly that high
With a broom under her bum?

You’ll find out soon if the tales are true
Because there’s a knock at the door
And a cackle before
A witch cries out
She’s looking for you

“To answer your question
I used to fly
Higher than the clouds,
Higher than the moon
But one too many Pumpkin pies
Has weighed my means of transport down
Like a lead balloon”

She said before she flew
Slowly back into the night
Barely making it over the gate
She was a heavy witch alright
And this was a fact
That greatly affected
The altitude of her flight.

How High Can a Witch Fly - A short funny poem about the max height of magical flight.