A rubber ducky
Was not so lucky
He got flushed out to sea
For many days
On the ocean waves
Would that rubber ducky be

He sailed through sun
He sailed through storm
To places cold and places warm

He carried on sailing
Without a sail
Until he got eaten by a whale

The duck was now stuck
Inside the whale’s belly
Where everything was rotten and smelly

To escape would be tricky
But it’s what he had to do
If he didn’t want to be part of the whale’s poo

He would make the whale sneeze
With pepper and peas
Was the plan that he created
He got the bits
From swallowed ships
And out the blowhole was evacuated

Up and up he could see daylight
On jet of water flying high
When he got caught by a bird passing by

The bird then dropped him
On a desert isle
The duck would be there a while

But soon the weather changed
And the tide it rose
Until it came up to ducky’s nose

It’s not so bad
The luck he had
As now the duck is free
Because he sails in the biggest bath of all
When the tide takes him out to sea.

Bad Luck Rubber Duck - A short funny poem about an unlucky rubber ducky.